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Brepols bookbinders, the binder and your partner for hardcovers and softcovers in coldglue, hotmelt and PUR. Specials: Otabind®, Otastar® and Breflex®

Brepols Bookbinders is an independent, modern and industrial bindery for high-end softcovers and hardcovers. We produce books for, and especially together with, printers. Through our long experience we are your partner for the realization of the beautiful book, from advice in the run-up to a reliable and quality delivery.

Search limits in (im)possibilities.
Brepols bookbinders likes to communicate early in the designprocess and advices about binding styles to suit the needs of the customer. Innovation is in our bindery key, when it comes to appearance, creativity and experience of books. But when it comes to producing, smart and efficient. Brepols gets more efficiency from the machinery and dares to search limits of (im)possibilities to seek to achieve creative solutions.

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