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Brepols Bookbinders offers a palette of twenty binding techniques. All of these techniques have their specific advantages and disadvantages.

Whatever technique you choose, we'd hook early in the process to advice you in choosing the correct binding. Moreover, we think about the most efficient way of production.






Brepols bookbinders is FSC®-certified.

SUSTAINABLE BINDING, ecological appropriate, socially correct and economically viable.

Brepols bookbinders is since 2009 FSC® certified

FSC® is committed to sustainable forest management worldwide, according to strict social, environmental and economic criteria. By choosing wood and paper products with an FSC claim, you are helping to responsible forest management worldwide.

FSC® warrants that our paper products come from responsibly managed forests and / or recycling.

FSC® warrants for responsible paper use, smart use where waste is prevented and encouraged recycling.